JINGDIAO 3-Axis High-Speed Machining Centers

No matter what size the part is, a φ0.05mm micro hole or an automobile mold parts as large as 2000mm, there’s always a JINGDIAO 3-axis high-speed machining center can meet your needs.

JINGDIAO 3-axis high-speed machining centers are perfect for 2-15μm precision milling, micro hole drilling and precision hole grinding of mold parts.

JINGDIAO 3-Axis Machining Solution

To meet the micron processing needs of different industries, Beijing JINGDIAO provides a variety of 3-axis high-speed machining centers for you. With JINGDIAO featured technology and software, high precision and high surface effect are possible.

You can choose the appropriate JINGDIAO machines according to your situation.

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