Jingdiao high speed machining center, the main product of Beijing Jingdiao Group, specializes in high speed, precision and combined machining. Similarly, as one of the machine’s core parts, motorized spindle must also has such a high degree of speed , precision and multifunction. After ten years’ continuous improvement, the motorized spindle Beijing Jingdiao developed independently not only has steadily achieved the goal of high speed and high precision, but reached the international level of high speed, high rigidity and low vibration.

Beijing Jingdiao Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., or Jingdiao Precision Machinery for short, is responsible for R&D and production of high-speed motorized spindle and other precision function parts. Jingdiao Precision Machinery has the strongest ability in Beijing Jingdiao for precision manufacturing and is engaged in comprehensive research mainly on the aspects of mechanical structure design, product testing, manufacturing and application, having achieved many breakthrough research results. They always adhere to the “delicate and infinite spirit of PI” and constantly improve the precision and ability of high-speed motorized spindle to improve the combined machining ability of Jingdiao high speed machining center and make Jingdiao high speed machining center the high-tech equipment in the industry. Currently, the high-speed and precision motorized spindle Beijing Jingdiao developed independently has more than 20 models and its top speed can reach up to 6000r/min.