Beijing Jingdiao Manufacturing Technology and CNC Engineering Application Center is one of the strongest team in the whole groups, the team undertakes application development tasks of Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool, devoted to solve customers’ and branch offices’ use demand of various machines, through processing sample to seek a more stable and more effective solution for customers, meanwhile ensuring the machine work efficiently, and providing directive suggestions for the development and improvement of the machine and CNC System.

Research on the strategies of improving the machining accuracy.

Professional technical personnel conducts the deep study from the machine manufacturing precision, CNC System, CAM software, machining process, spindle and cutting tools, etc. And the solutions to improve the machining accuracy of the workpiece are proposed.

Research on the strategies of stabilizing the precision machining.

Professional engineering personnel conducts the systematic study on the machine quality process control technology, machine use and maintenance technology, mass testing and verification technology, etc. and designs effective solutions to provide guarantee for the machining quality and consistency of mass production.