JD50 CNC System

JD50 system is an open CNC system that is meet mainstream standard in the industry. It is basically consistent with other CNC system under basic concepts. JD50 has great similarity and compatibility with the most widely used CNC system in China on basic functions and human-computer interaction.

It possesses the inserting and supporting capability for various measuring modules. Those meterage modules can be inserted at the same time for composite measuring.

It has great automatic equipment access capability, which can contact with factory management server through Ethernet to support factory automatic monitor management.

It has strong compensation function, which provides self-adaption machining with simple and high efficient solution based on online measurement technology.

Supporting comprehensive multi-axis functions JD50 CNC system offers various functions, such as tool central point controlling, incline machining, work piece compensation, tool axial length compensation, 5-axis machining and tool radius compensation, which meets kinds of multi-axis machining requirements.

Perfect hand wheel trial-cutting is a very practical and easy-to-use function.

It has tools lifetime management function. Deep application of this function will greatly improve automation degree of batch machining.

It possesses authority management function to strongly support hierarchic production management system of factory.

JD50 CNC system is based on PC-Based structure, uses inserted-type IPC (industrial personal computer) and Windows XP Embedded operation system platform, and adopts En3D as CNC software. This is most suitable for precision machining, and has reached advanced level in China on multi-axis linkage, online measurement, machine vision, etc.