Authentic Control System for High-speed Machining
Authentic Control System for High-speed Machining

We develop specialized control system that has been sold for more than 100,000 sets. In order to provide you a better-quality CNC machining experience, we never stopped the optimization of it. JD50, the latest control system installed on JINGDIAO high-speed machining centers, is fully in line with the international standards. Its compatibility with the international mainstream CNC system, not only facilitates on-site customized development of process functions, but also facilitates rapid realization of functions for fine processing.

Good Reliability

Factory conditions of JINGDIAO’s customers are very different. That makes reliability and stability the most important two factors of control system. JINGDIAO CNC system go through variety of processing conditions experiment.

Highly Intelligent

Capability of on-machine measurement and intelligent modification provides significant support for JINGDIAO machine tools to realize intelligent machining.


To make sure you could use JINGDIAO machines easier and safer, we can customize the system according to different application.