You can not only get a precise part,but also the enjoyment and beauty of metal cutting with JINGDIAO machine tools.
JINGDIAO machine tools are designed for variety scenes including milling, turning, grinding, polishing, scraping, hole processing, thread processing, on machine inspection etc.

JINGDIAO High-Speed Machining Centers

JINGDIAO high-speed machining center is Beijing JINGDIAO's flagship product. Stable realization of "0.1μm feed, 1 μm cutting, nano surface roughness ", is widely used in precision mold parts milling, mirror mold parts polishing, micro hole drilling, brittle and hard materials grinding, metal parts composite processing and other fields.

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JINGDIAO CNC Machining Centers

The classic products with high market recognition. Through equipping with JINGDIAO on-machine inspection system, the machining accuracy can be stabilized at 10-20 μm.

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0.1μm Feed, 1 μm Cutting, Nano Surface Roughness

3-Axis Machining Accuracy <8 μ m, 5-Axis Machining Accuracy <10 μ m

Hard Material Mirror Finish Sa <10nm

Composite Processing Capability for More Than 10 Scenes

Composite Processing Capability for More Than 10 Scenes

Machining Accuracy is Stable at 10 to 20 μm

Large Capacity Tool Magazine

Semi closed loop controlling