Training Classroom at Each Branch Office Provides Targeted Training

Each branch has a training classroom and all of the training classrooms are equipped with training equipment and experienced professional trainers. To make sure the students can take part in production and create values as soon as possible after training period, the fee software training and machine operation training is provided, and the targeted training courses are offered according to customers’ industry.

Vocational Training School Alleviates the Problem of Employing Staff

To solve the problem of technical personnel vacancy, we established Jingdiao Vocational Training School in Dongguan, China. With a team of teachers equipped with modern facilities and excellent comprehensive quality, it is committed to cultivating students who specialize in the precision die mold and precision products machining industry. Every year, it delivers lots of technicians to enterprises and provides sufficient human resource supply for enterprises.

School-enterprise Joint School-running Cultivate Talents for the Industry

With the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and the growing demand for high-quality personnel, we developed Joint School-running with many colleges and universities since 2001 and has cultivated thousands of product designers and CNC technicians for customers. Until now, more than 100 colleges and universities have purchased Jingdiao machine tools and set up Jingdiao CNC practical training courses.